It’s summertime, which means the roads you are driving on are hot. While you’re most likely behind the wheel with the a/c unit on, your tires are pounding away on scalding pavement. Now is when you need to be on the lookout for severe tire damage signs.

This is why spring and fall is thought of as the tire-blowout season. The temperature levels of the roads are higher, and you are driving much more because of vacations.

Your tires take a lot more punishment during the summer months, and now is the best time to make sure they are in good condition, and there is no severe tire damage.

Here are the top four severe tire damage signs that you need to look for:

  1. The Tire Caution Light

If you have a car built after 2008, you should have a low-tire pressure warning light located on the dash of your car. 

This is a little indicator light that pops up on your dash and resembles a “U” with an exclamation point in the center. This light means that your tire pressure is low. Most of the time, you can add air to your tire, which will fix the problem.

 Occasionally, this is a sign of tire damage, and you need to get a mechanic to inspect the tire.

  1. Low Tread

The tire tread is the outer portion of your tire that touches the road. It guarantees that your car has traction, and poor traction will lead to bad gas mileage and potential wrecks. Low tire tread can be a severe tire damage sign. 

If the tread is low in certain areas of the tire, These issues can range from misalignment to severe suspension problems. Find a mechanic that is properly trained to find and diagnose the problems.

  1. Split Tires

The sides of your tires can develop splits and cracks. These will look like long lines on the side of the tire.

 Split tires are one of the biggest severe tire damage signs, and it needs to be handled quickly. Cracked tires can cause a blowout and loose air pressure.

  1. One-Sided Wear

Treadwear on the sides of the tire is a sign of underinflation, while tread wear on the center can be caused by over inflation. But, wear on one side of the tire tread could mean your car is not aligned properly.

It could also be a sign that there are some major suspension damages. The best strategy is to talk with your auto mechanic. Mechanics are trained to inspect and fix any underlying cause of your tire damage.

Driving A Car With Severe Tire Damage

Please don’t do it! It’s not worth the risk of your life, the lives of others, and the health of your car. If you find yourself in a situation where your car needs to get to a mechanic, but you don’t want to drive it, call a towing service.

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