Most of us are really busy and car maintenance is not something that we look forward to, But it is important. If you have ever wondered how long it will take to get an oil change and tire rotation we have the information for you so you can plan accordingly. If you are in the D.C. area and you need roadside assistance call Capitol City Towing at 202-410-0942.

How much time an oil change takes:

Today, you have lots of things begging for your attention and time. However, to handle all of life’s responsibilities, you need your car. One of the most crucial things to keep it running smoothly is regular maintenance, mainly oil changes. Thinking about how busy you are, I’m sure you want to know: “How Long does an oil change take?”

Oil changes usually take about 20-45 minutes. That’s a general estimate, based upon several things:

  1. You take your car to a professional quick-lube service that can handle oil changes for all sorts of vehicles.
  2. You’re maintaining your vehicle by doing preventative maintenance. If you have been following the manufacturer’s guidelines, then the oil change should be quick.

How Long Does A Tire Rotation Take?

If you’re going to be driving, it is essential to notice your automobile’s tires. Nevertheless, if your tires are in bad condition, you won’t be on the road for long.

The professionals at any tire rotation center can get your tires back in perfect shape. Keep reading to learn how long a tire rotation will take.

How Long Does the Rotation Take?

Having your tires serviced is an integral part of maintenance on your car. When you visit a professional tire center, they will make sure to handle tire rotations effectively so you’re able to get back out on the road. They will evaluate the tires and find any damages, then finish the tire rotation.

Usually, a tire rotation takes anywhere from 30 to 45 mins. Every tire manufacturer will have different guidelines about rotating the tires, but normally, it needs to happen every time your oil is changed after 5,000 miles.

Tire rotations make sure your tires are moved to different locations so they can wear more uniformly. By moving the tires, you can minimize wear on one area of a tire and get more life out of each tire.

What you Can Expect At A Tire Rotation Center

When you take your car to a tire center, the professional will inspect the tires thoroughly. If you have a front-wheel-drive car, the front tires will be moved to the back, while those in the back will move to the front in a cross pattern.

Rear-wheel-drive cars do the exact opposite; the rear tires move straight up while the front tires cross when they move back. If you own a 4-wheel drive truck, then all the tires will get crossed. The front driver’s side tires will get moved to the rear passenger side, which will happen to the other tires.

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