Windshield wipers are a vital part of your car and important for your safety. If the wipers stop working and you can’t see out of your windshield, you could easily get into a wreck and hurt yourself or someone else. In this article, we will teach you in a step-by-step guide how to fix broken windshield wiper linkage in case that is why your windshield wipers stopped working.

The windshield wiper linkage in your car connects the wiper motor to the entire wiper-blade assembly. If the linkage ever stops working, your windshield wipers will stop working as well. 

Most of the time, wiper linkage assemblies do not fail. But if your windshield wipers get bent or damaged in some other way, it will cause your car’s wipers blades to move improperly or to stop moving altogether. If this is what happens, you’ll have to change the wiper-linkage assembly.

Where Do You Get The Windshield Wiper Linkage Parts?

You can easily search online for the wiper linkage parts at several online retailers. You can also visit an auto parts store. 

Just tell the employee what the make and model of your car is, and they will get you the parts you need to fix your broken windshield wiper linkage. This will cost you between $30 and $60 depending on what type of car you have and where you get your parts from.

Now for Your Complete Guide on How To Fix Broken Windshield Wiper Linkage

Step 1

Lift the windshield wiper arms away and up from the windshield until the windshield wiper arms are in a vertical position.

Step 2

Use a socket wrench and unbolt the nuts that are holding the wiper arms to the wiper linkage.

Step 3

Carefully pull the wiper arms up and away from the wiper linkage.

Step 4

Open up the hood and find the windshield wiper motor on your car. These are mostly small, cylinder-shaped motors that should be bolted to the firewall of your car.

Step 5

Use the socket wrench to unbolt the wiper motor from the firewall and take the motor off of the wiper linkage.

Step 6

Using the socket wrench, unbolt the wiper linkage bracket from the windshield wiper linkage.

Step 7

Take out the old wiper linkage.

Now install the new wiper linkage just like you removed it but in the reverse order.

Don’t Drive If Your Windshield Wipers Aren’t Working

If you find yourself in a situation where your windshield wipers stop working and it’s too dangerous to drive, just call a towing company. Most towing services offer emergency roadside assistance. Don’t try to drive if it’s not safe. Just Google “tow service near me.” While waiting, there are some things you should do before a tow truck arrives, like turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights.

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