It doesn’t matter if you have a flat tire or you’ve been in a serious wreck. You need to know how to hire the right towing company. If you search for “cheap towing Atlanta GA” about 50 different companies pop up, so how do you know who to choose?. Before you hire a towing company, ask these questions:

Questions You Should Ask Towing Services

  • Do You Provide 24/7 Towing?

You never know when your car may break down, so you need to have a company on standby to assist you at all hours of the night. Once you find a towing company that offers 24/7 service, save their number in your phone, so you will be ready if you run into an emergency.

  • What Types of Vehicles Can You Tow?

Not all tow trucks are made the same, and depending on the type of car you have; you may need a special tow truck to haul it. If you have a bigger vehicle, make sure that they offer heavy-duty towing.‚Äč

  • Do You Have Insurance?

Never even consider hiring a towing company that doesn’t have insurance. Towing a car can be tricky, and sometimes your car can get damaged, and if the towing company doesn’t have insurance, you could be stuck with the repair bill.

  • How Much Experience Do You Have?

If you can, find a towing company with a lot of experience. You don’t want your car in the hands of an inexperienced driver. Make sure the drivers are certified and have the proper licenses.