When it comes to your car, you probably never thought you would be looking up information on dead car battery hacks. The fact is cars are unpredictable, and that is actually a good thing. If you find yourself with a dead battery and you are in the Washington D.C. area call Capitol City Towing at 202-410-0942 for cheap towing and roadside assistance.

While a dead car battery is a bad situation, it can be an amazing learning experience. This is an opportunity to see what you and your car are made of.

Manufacturers are developing brand-new innovations each year that can assist you when you have a dead car battery on your hands. Look into these cool dead cart battery hacks that you can try the next time your battery dies.

Top 3 Dead Car Battery Hacks

When you need dead car battery hacks, you do not have a lot of time for experimentation. You need quick and simple solutions to help you when you’re in a bind. That’s why there are truly just three great dead car battery hacks that you need to recognize. Keep reading this guide, and you will have all the information that you need.

Battery Hack# 1: A Can of Coke

This is an oldie, yet there’s a good reason this dead car battery method has been around for so long – it works! Your dead car battery may be because of corrosion on your battery.

For a quick fix, among our top dead car battery hacks is to use a Coca-Cola to get rid of the corrosion.

 Your battery will corrode when the acid inside of your battery leaks hydrogen gas. This process develops a white substance on the terminals that stops the battery from conducting electricity.

The carbonic acid of the Coke will clean off rust and corrosion without reacting to the battery acid that is leaking. Disconnect your battery cables, pour the Coke over the rust, and clean up the mess with a rag or napkin to get your vehicle back on the road.

Battery Hack # 2: Trick Your Computer

A dead car battery might not have anything to do with your battery. If you’re having problems starting your automobile and know that your battery isn’t the problem, you could simply trick your vehicle’s computer into working.

Given that the computer system monitoring your automobile’s systems is very conscious of changes, the remedy to your issues could be a poor engine coolant sensor or a vacuum cleaner leak. 

If you have a damaged temperature sensor, your car computer could be sensing way too much air and not nearly enough fuel in your engine.

An engine may lose power if one of the vacuum lines connected to your engine has a leak or becomes clogged. In both situations, you can fix the problem by pressing the accelerator before starting the engine to provide the engine with a lot more gas.

This dead car battery hack tricks the computer into believing that the engine is fine. Hopefully, this will get you going long enough to get to a mechanic to make the proper repairs.

Battery Hack # 3: Rub on Some Vaseline

Petroleum jelly makes our list for the best dead car battery hacks. It can be Vaseline or some other petroleum jelly of your choice; a healthy chunk of this will prevent corrosion in the winter months. 

When temperatures go down, cars can experience problems starting as motor oil can thicken in your engine. These facts will push your battery to its limits. At the end of the fall, it’s good to smear some Vaseline on your car battery to have it operating in great shape all year long.

Do You Need Help With a Dead Car Battery?

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