With every turn, a tire takes the risk of being penetrated by a sharp object. Considering that the typical tire will experience countless revolutions throughout its lifetime, it is normally a matter of when you will get unrepairable tire damage, not if you will. Knowing if the damage is unrepairable or repairable is very important. If you think you have tire damage call Capitol City Towing at 202-410-0942 for cheap towing in D.C. and roadside assistance.

How To Know if Your Tire Damage is Unrepairable

When an object like a nail breaks through the rubber of a tire, the instant problem is the loss of air pressure. However, the bigger risk is that the nail could lead to tread separation.

If it’s not unrepairable tire damage, the repair service needs to be set up by a properly trained professional technician.

The tire specialist must remove the tire from the rim so the inside of the tire can be properly inspected. Often, an item such as a nail in the tread can lead to extreme damages to the sidewall that can not be seen from outside of the tire. Repairs like plugs are not meant to be permanent.

How to Fix Tire Damage

The only way to properly fix a tire is to remove it from the rim to be examined on the inside, remove harmful material, fill it with rubber, and repair the inner liner.

A plug on its own or a patch by itself is not an acceptable repair because the inner liner is not permanently sealed, and the void created is not filled by the patch, which enables water to enter the tire’s body and start corroding the steel belts.

Using sealers or emergency inflators is not recommended as permanent solutions to a flat tire for the same reasons.

Puncture repair services are restricted to the center of the tread on the tire. If there are slits or punctures in the tire’s shoulder or sidewall, it is unrepairable tire damage.

If the damages are close enough to each other, so the repairs overlap or the damages are straight across from each other, it has unrepairable tire damage.

Never fix tires with a puncture larger than 1/4-inch.

Tires that are worn enough that you can see the tire’s treadwear, or if you have 2/32-inch remaining tread depth in any spot on the tire, the tire can’t be repaired.

Can Your Tire Damage be Repaired?

Not all tires can be fixed. Particular repair work should be based on the tire manufacturer’s recommendations or policy.

When tires are improperly repaired, the outcomes can be lethal. Make sure to ask your service technician if they use the industry guidelines when doing repairs. As long as the tire is repaired properly, you can expect your tire to last you for many more miles.

If you have a flat tire and you need to help you can always call an emergency tow service. Most towing companies offer 24/7 roadside assistance and tire change service. So if you have unrepairable tire damage call a tow company near you. You will be glad you did.

Do You Need Help Unrepairable Tire Damage?

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