The first thing you must understand is your car battery leaking is not normal. A leaking car battery can be a very dangerous thing and can lead to some serious damage. They generally only occur if your battery is damaged or very old. If you are having problems with your car battery call Capitol City Towing at 202-410-0942 for affordable towing in D.C.

If you are have a car battery that is leaking and you want to learn why, read below.

Here are Some Common Causes of Battery Leaks:

  1. An Overcharged Battery

Battery overcharge is among the most typical reasons for battery leaks.

The liquid in your battery can boil from overcharging, creating acidic vapor to escape from the vents. The vapor forms a pool on the surface of the battery, making the battery look like it’s dripping.

The acid then causes corrosion on the battery’s metal parts. This is the most common reason for your battery to become rusty.

In more extreme cases, the gases can build pressure causing the battery to explode.

What Is overcharging?

Overcharging is when a battery gets too much electrical charge and malfunctions because of it. A malfunctioning alternator is usually the cause of overcharging.

Smart battery chargers can detect when the battery is fully charged and can help prevent battery overcharging.

  1. It’s An Old Battery

The older a battery is, the less reliable it will be, and it will be more prone to leaks. Car batteries generally last around four years on average, though some more expensive batteries can last longer.

  1. Overfilled battery 

Unless your battery is maintenance-free, you will need to refill it with water from time to time. Overfilling a battery cell with water can make it spill over and leak.

  1. A Cracked Battery

Splits in the battery can cause leaks, or if the battery is not protected correctly in its brackets, it can crack. 

  1. The Battery Was Tipped

The hydrogen gas that is produced inside your battery needs to be vented properly. This is why battery chambers can’t be completely sealed.

If the battery is placed at an angle or mistakenly tipped over, the electrolyte solution within will overflow into the battery cell and out of the vent cap. This can dry out your battery cells and reduce the lifespan of your car’s battery.

  1. Battery Plate Expansion

Hot engine temperature levels or overcharging can produce extreme heat that broadens your battery plates. While this hardly ever happens, the electrolyte service in the battery can get pushed out, triggering leaks.

  1. Direct Exposure To Extreme Weather

The battery liquid can ice up when exposed to frigid temperatures, producing enough stress on each battery cell to push the battery’s casing in an outward direction. This can cause your battery to crack and leak.

  1. Sulfate Excess

Excessive sulfate crystals can form on your battery plates. Too much sulfate can increase the chance of acid spilling out of the battery.

Are Car Battery Leaks Dangerous?

Yes, car battery leaks are very dangerous. There is acid inside of a car battery. Because acid is destructive, it can destroy clothes, burn skin, and cause mental deterioration.

Your battery creates hydrogen gas that is unstable and extremely explosive. Any excessive accumulation of hydrogen gas puts the life of you and your car in jeopardy.

What Should I Do If My Car’s Battery is Leaking?

Please do not touch the battery, and replace it as soon as you can.

If your automobile doesn’t start, do not get jumper cables while there’s a leak. Sparks could cause the battery to ignite and cause an explosion.

What is an Easy Way to Get My Battery Fixed?

Keeping a leaking battery in your car is dangerous to your car, and it’s dangerous to you.

Your best option is to have the battery replaced and soon as possible. It would be best if you got an emergency roadside service provider to come to you. Most tow truck companies offer battery services. Just search for “Towing service near me,” and they will be happy to help.

Call A Towing Service if Your Car Battery is Leaking

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