In this article, we’re going to cover some problems that your engine can encounter. Most importantly, we’ll answer your question, “Why is my car smoking but not overheating?” If you see smoke coming from your car don’t hesitate to call Capitol City Towing at 202-410-0942 for emergency roadside assistance and cheap towing in D.C.

It is very important to be mindful of your car’s wellness and health as you’re making your way across the streets of Washington D.C. While there are a lot of things to examine under the hood, if there’s smoke, it does not always indicate a fire when it comes to your truck or car. 

Problems that can Cause Your Car to Start Smoking

If you want to know – why is my car smoking but not overheating? The most common reason is that there’s some type of liquid on the engine. 

This can be gas, motor oil, coolant, transmission fluid, or water. The smoke is caused by the heat of your engine burning off whatever type of liquid is on the engine.

This won’t cause any real damage or overheating to your engine, but you may need to pull over and turn the car off if the smoke is obstructing your view.

Why Is There Smoke Coming From The Hood of My Car?

There is most likely some liquid that’s made it onto your car’s intake manifold, which will burn the fluid and cause your car to smoke. The important thing here is to discover where the liquid came from.

The causes can vary, yet it’s most likely that your car or truck has blown a head gasket or even busted a seal. It could be that your piston rings are worn down, or the PCV tube is blocked. The functionality of these parts is to drain fuel into your engine cylinder.

Detecting the Problem With Your Car

To find out why your vehicle is smoking but not overheating, you’ll need to have professional auto mechanics inspect your car. Mechanics will have the knowledge and the tools to find the cause of the smoke and get the problem fixed.

They’ll inspect the different parts of your engine to find the problem that’s creating the smoke coming from the engine or your exhaust system.

Once they figure out the mechanical problem, they’ll be able to give you the necessary repairs, service, or replacement parts to fix the problems. They can ensure that your car is performing well and is no longer smoking when you get back on the road.

If Your Car Is Smoking Get A Professional

Now that you’re aware of the possible causes of why your car is smoking without overheating, and you recognize that it could be a variety of different reasons, you’ll want to contact a professional to arrange an inspection with a real mechanic. They will carefully evaluate your car to ensure that it is problem-free and is smoke-free.

If you see smoke coming from your car, do not hesitate, call a professional right away! They’ll make certain that your automobile is in fantastic shape and runs its best throughout the streets of Washington D.C.

If Your Car is Smoking, Get Help Now!

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