Repair service costs can be one of the most expensive aspects of owning a car. Bad gas mileage can be expensive but nowhere nearly as expensive as some other repairs. If you have an oil leak, you may be asking yourself, “How much to fix an oil leak?” If you have an oil leak and you live in the District of Columbia call Capitol City Towing at 202-410-0942.

Why You Need To Know How Much an Oil Leak Repair Costs

There are many different types of car repairs that you may need. For example, you may have to replace the transmission or you may have problems with the rear differential. 

The timing chain will have to be replaced every so often, or you could be in big trouble if it ever breaks. Changing the breaks and rotors is another typical repair cost. When buying a new car, it might be worth estimating the cost of annual maintenance on that particular make and model.

Now let’s talk about oil leaks, how much oil leaks cost, and what exactly causes oil leaks.

What Causes Oil Leaks? 

Several reasons can cause engine oil leaks; however, many oil leakages are brought on by damaged engine gaskets or bad oil seals. You never know when the oil leak can start, so it can be difficult to prepare for. 

No matter what make or model of car or truck you have, an engine oil leakage can pop up on you at any time. New cars can develop oil leaks due to a manufacturing problem or a defect from the factory.

Besides being messy, oil leakages can trigger severe engine damage. The oil in your automobile is what keeps everything lubricated and cool while it is running. Reduced oil levels because of a leak is one of the fastest ways to cause major damage to your engine and end up with a huge repair bill.

Considering that oil leaks can be so devastating, the price of fixing the leak is generally worth it to make sure your car remains running well and doesn’t leave you stranded.

Depending on where the oil leak is coming from will be the main factor in answering your question, “How much to fix an oil leak?”.

 Just How Much Do Oil Leaks Cost To Repair?

The engine gaskets and oil seals in your car are common parts that can usually be found online or at a local parts store. The cost of the gaskets or seals is only about $6 to $35.

The majority of the cost of fixing an engine oil leak comes from all of the labor it takes to remove other engine parts to get to the gaskets that need to be replaced. So it depends on where the oil leak is coming from and how many parts need to be removed to replace it. If the oil leak is coming from a place that will require extensive part removal and special tools, you can expect to pay a lot more.

Depending on the kind of car that you have, the type of engine in it, and where the oil leak is located, oil leak repair costs can range between $150 to $1300.

Fortunately there is typically one more solution to fixing your engine oil leak. Replacing the damaged seal or gasket in some cases is essential, but often it can be unnecessary. 

Small cracks can form on gaskets and seals due to your engine’s heating and cooling cycles, the car not being driven, or other unknown factors.

 These types of leaks can commonly be repaired using Oil Stop Leak. Oil stop leak is an additive that can seal the leak from the inside out. There are many different brands of oil stop leak, and they can easily be found online.

Call A Towing Service if Your Car is Leaking Oil

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