The wipers play an essential role in making sure you can see clearly through the windshield by clearing water and dirt away. Therefore, it is a huge issue when your windshield wiper is not touching glass. This is not the situation you want to be in. If the wiper is not performing as it should, you could be in trouble.

Exactly how do you deal with such a problem? Don’t worry, and we are going to give you all the information you need to deal with the problem of your windshield wiper not touching glass.

 Let’s learn how to recognize the issue, why it happens, and how to take care of it.

What Causes a Windshield Wiper Not To Touch Glass?

When the windshield wiper is not functioning, there may be several different reasons for the problem. Below is a list of different reasons that may be causing the windshield wiper not to touch the glass.

1.Damaged Rubber

Among the common reasons for windshield wipers not touching glass is the rubber being damaged or worn out.

The wipers have a metal base, which works as a brace and holds the rubber strip, which cleans the windshield of water and dirt.

With time, the rubber will wear due to long-term use. The rubber might peel, which is not good. The steel could then scratch your windshield, leaving it permanently damaged.

You will be able to see the rubber falling off of the metal parts of the wiper blade. When you inspect the rubber strip carefully, you may see the rubber thinning.

If you see such damage, you need to replace the wiper blades as soon as possible. If not, the problem may get worse and damage the windshield.

If you notice that the windshield wipers leave a residue, the rubber blades may also be a problem. In this instance, the rubber deteriorates due to old age and will leave a haze on the windshield.

2.Bent Wiper Arms

A different issue that you may be running into is bent wiper arms. In this instance, you need to check the arms to see if there are types of bending or damage.

 A bent wiper blade can lead to the rubbers quick wear, and it can also damage your windshield by scratching it.

3.Having The Wrong Wipers

When buying replacements for your wiper blades, make certain that you pick the right ones. If you choose the wrong wiper blades, you will find that they will miss the water and dirt in some places. 

If they are too big, they won’t fit your windshield as they should. This can lead to the windshield wiper not touching glass.

You may have the wrong sort of windshield wipers for the type of weather you will be driving in. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you will need special wipers to deal with the cold temperatures. 

If you use normal windshield wiper blades, the snow will gather on them, and they can start to fail. 

What If Your Windshield Wipers Stop Working

Do not drive if your wipers are not working. If it starts raining and you don’t have the help of your wipers, you could be in danger of an accident. Call a towing service that offers 24/7 roadside assistance. Just do a Google search for “towing service near me,” and they will get you and your car to safety. While you are waiting for help to arrive, there are some things you should do, like turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights.

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